Refas: Renal Function Alert System

The renal function of a patient is one of the major determinants for the disposition of drugs
that are mainly eliminated by the kidneys. The renal function can be impaired endogenously
by a disease or exogenously by drugs (intoxication). However, the most common factor of
influence on the renal function, which is often overlooked, is old age. In elderly patients the
renal function is more than 50% lower than that of 20 y old healthy persons. Not taking into 
account the renal function of a hospitalized patient is one of the major factors of avoidable
Refas is a hospital medication monitoring system which focuses on the renal function of patients. It is
different from other clinical rule systems because it uses a pharmacokinetic model and drug parameter
database for screening medication orders. Patient, medication and laboratory data are acquired from
the hospital information system using the Mirth Connect HL7 interface gateway. Refas was exclusively 
developed for the Pharmacy Department of the VieCuri Medical Center in Venlo, The Netherlands.
Renal Function vs Age Patient Database Medication Signals Signal Details