PyroMonTM: Pyrogen Test System

A pyrogen is a substance (often bacterial) that causes elevation of the human body 
temperature. Pyrogenicity testing seeks to find any possible fever-causing contaminants
in items such as vaccines and injectable drugs. The most common in vitro test is the 
Limulus Amoebocyte Lysate (LAL) test, which uses the amoebocytes from the blood of 
horseshoe crabs in order to demonstrate the immune system to response to pyrogens. 
However, due to interfering factors in some pharmaceuticals, this LAL-test cannot always be applied.
In these cases the classical in vivo pyrogen test must be used in which the temperature of a rabbit is
monitored after injecting the pharmaceutical under investigation.

PyroMon is a data acquisition and evaluation system for the classical rabbit pyrogen test, which was 
exclusively developed for Ellab A/S in Denmark. The procedure of the pyrogen test, which is described 
in the national pharmacopoeias of different countries, is captured in a methods database. Rabbit data,
pharmaceutical preparations and test results are also stored in a database. Preparations are assigned
to rabbits automatically and the temperature can be monitored in real-time. Test result documents are
generated in a standard fashion using the build-in report engine. 

PyroMon Desktop Preparations Database Pharmacopoeia database Database Structure