PharmDIS: Drug Information and Dosage Adjustment

Individualized dosage regimen calculations require knowledge on the pharmacokinetic
and pharmacodynamic properties of the drug and the characteristics of the patient. 
A PK-PD-based dosage regimen is not easily and generally applicable, mainly because 
the combination of available PK parameters and therapeutic target levels may be 
inappropriate for the purpose of predicting a plausible dosage regimen. Within the 
project PharmDIS (Pharmacokinetic & Pharmacodynamic Drug Information and Dose
Adjustment System), an alternative approach was chosen, and this PK and standard 
dose-based principle is well suited for computerized dosing advice. PharmDIS aims at the development
of several applications for dosing regimen advice for general practitioners, hospital physicians and 
pharmacists. PharmDIS was funded by the European Commission in the BIOMED 2 (4th framework) and 
IST (5th framework) programmes.

J H Proost, N C Punt (2003).