MwPharm++: Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

Many drugs applied in a clinical environment require plasma levels to be monitored in order
to avoid toxic or maintain therapeutic effects. MwPharm is a program especially designed
to help the clinician with interpreting drug-monitoring data. Furthermore, MwPharm is also
able to deal with data obtained from more detailed kinetic (single dose) studies. 

MwPharm was originally developed by Prof. D.K.F. Meijer and co-workers at the University 
of Groningen (Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics). The program is developed
further in close collaboration with this group in order to implement the latest developments in the field
of pharmacokinetics. MwPharm has proven its value at the majority of the Dutch hospitals and has been
declared Dutch standard by the NVZA (The Dutch Association of Hospital pharmacists). Also in Germany
is it qualified as "best product for TDM-purposes".

The system consists of a patient database and a drug database with over 180 drugs. Several methods
for calculating the renal function are supported. Pharmacokinetic models include up to 3 compartment 
systems combined with injection, infusion, oral and intramuscular inputs. Dosage regimen selection is
implemented in a unique interactive fashion. The simulated plasma levels of alternate dosage regimens
can be superimposed for easy evaluation. MwPharm++ is designed as a plugin of Edsim++.

Patient Database Organ Function Dosage Regimen Regimen Simulation