MicLab: Efficacy Assessment of Antibiotic Therapy 

The quantitative relationship between a pharmacokinetic parameter (such as AUC, 
peak level) and a microbiological parameter (such as MIC) is labelled as a PK/PD 
index (PDI). PDI's can be used for establishing the efficacy of antibiotic therapy.
Examples include AUC/MIC and T>MIC (time above MIC). MicLab is a tool that can
calculate several PDI's for a given pharmacokinetic model with a particular dosage 
regimen input.

Pharmacokinetic models are represented using the PML modeling language. which supports very complex
models like the mother-fetus model displayed below. A particular regimen can be simulated in order to
get an impression of the plasma profile (red area is above MIC, yellow area is below MIC). Also a set of
regimens can be analyzed against a series of MIC values representing different strains of bacteria. A 
statistical population analysis can be performed using Monte Carlo simulations

Mother-Fetus Model Regimen Simulation Regimen Analysis Monte Carlo Simulation