Nieko Punt is the managing consultant and director of Medimatics. Nieko studied
pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences at the University of Groningen from which
he graduated in 1987. During his study he developed a special interest in the use
of computers for pharmacokinetic simulations. After his graduation he worked as
researcher on the subject of calcium antagonists in ischemic heart disease.

In 1990 he joined Mediware (a Zernike Science Park company) where he was 
responsible for the further development of MwPharm, a software package aimed
at hospital pharmacists for use in therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM).

In 1996 Nieko made a switch from healthcare to industry by joining Data Sciences, which was later
acquired by IBM Global Services. Here he participated in several projects ranging from embedded
software for digital studio camera's (Philips BTS) to digital video systems (Philips DVS).

In 1999 he decided to found his own company Medimatics, in which he combined the technical skills
he acquired at IBM with his scientific background. In Medimatics he was involved in several projects
for the healthcare and food industry. He also participated in two projects funded by the European
Commision. Nieko is specialized in pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic modeling (PKPD) for which he
developed a simulation engine based on the pharmacokinetic modeling language (PML). In 2009 Nieko 
was invited for a part time position as consultant at the University of Maastricht.

Technical Experience
Nieko has experience with all phases of the software life cycle. He is currently using the following
development tools:
  • Delphi Pascal (ActiveX and VCL component development)
  • Visual Studio (VB, C#, ASP.NET, VBScript, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, SQL Server, MySql)
  • Excel (VBA, GUI prototyping, library testing)
  • Mirth Connect (HL7 message interface engine)
  • soapUI (open source web service testing tool for service-oriented architectures)

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